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Meditation for Pragmatics

Meditator.Pro is a revolutionary meditation concept that combines the principles of gaming and interactive gesture handling to keep you motivated to meditate every day.

Why another meditation app?

We believe meditation enhances our lives. That's why there are already many great apps out there. But yet many apps don't resonate with those looking for a practical, non-spiritual approach. Meditator.Pro makes meditation accessible and engaging, even for those who are sceptical and struggle to find a daily routine.

Why does daily meditation matter?

Consistent daily meditation is crucial for reaping the full benefits of mindfulness. By meditating every day, you train your brain to be more focused, reduce stress, and improve overall mental well-being. Regular practice helps you build a habit, making it easier to integrate mindfulness into your daily life and experience long-term positive effects.

How to implement a routine?

To sit there for just 10 minutes, is hard for everyone. Therefore we made a game out of it. Complete your daily session to level up and secure your progress. Miss a day, and you have to start the level over.

Remember: Every session brings you closer to a better you.

Meditator.Pro - Game Over

How to keep meditation exciting?

At the end, it is about sitting there and think of nothing. Sounds so simple but is the hardest to do. Meditator.Pro uses interactive gesture handling to guide you through the process. In that way, the smart coach can react to your actual mental state and give you the right guidance.

What are the most useful meditation techniques?

Breathing of course. There is no meditation without breathing. And in meditation, it is about to realize when your ego takes control. When you put the spotlight on your ego, it loses power and can no longer manipulate you undetected. Meditator.Pro helps you with both of them.

How does the ego spotlighting work?

Whenever you notice your mind drifting, you have to double tap on the screen. The chance is high that your ego has something to do with it.

How does the breathing work?

It's simple. If you start to breathe in, you swipe your thumb down on the screen. If you start to breathe out, you swipe your thumb up. In that way, your mental coach always knows what you are doing.

Gain more:

Why Meditator.Pro?

The question is, why not? It is ...

Practical, non-spiritual approach.

The interactive gesture handling is an enhanced way to practice meditation.

Game-like progression helps you build a daily meditation habit.

No ads, no tracking, no subscription, no bullshit.

As the app knows what's going on in your mind, it can give you the right guidance. (coming soon)

What are you waiting for?

The app is for free.
Try it out and become a pro meditator.

Meditator Pro - Download the app in AppStore


We are just at the beginning. But working continuously to give you the smartest and most effective meditation experience possible.

Version 1.0

18th June 2024


Level up and lose progress.

Spoken Instructions

Choose from two different voices.

Version 1.1

10th Juli 2024

Mind Drift

Mark your mind drift with a double tap.

Version 1.2

End of July 2024


Controll breathing with down- and up- swipe gestures.

Concept improvements

It's an agile journey.

Version 1.X

Upcoming in 2024


Choose with a swipe gesture what your mind was doing. Keep your eyes closed, of course.

Smarter responses to the labeling

The app will understand what you're doing and give you better responses.


Calming music. Why not?


Better instructions how to meditate and how the gestures work.

App for Android

Technical it's possible.

Become a part of it!

This project is only just beginning. To get better, it needs your constructive feedback to improve. Let us know what you think and what you need. We are listening.

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